Key Themes

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Australian Energy Week 2020 is addressing the key opportunities and challenges facing the energy market value chain, covering key topics such as:

Conference Plenary – Australia’s Energy Markets Outlook (23 June)


  • Resolving the current crisis in the energy sector and defining future directions
  • Navigating disparate state and federal energy policy
  • Pushing the boundaries: solutions within the current framework
  • The role of technology and innovation in securing Australia's long term energy future

  Future Retail Stream (24 June)


  • Retailing in "the big stick" environment - meeting current and future regulatory requirements
  • Transforming operations to meet the increased expectations of energy customers
  • Remaining relevant whilst technology rewrites how consumers interact with energy
  • Increasing profitability with new products and services

Generation 2.0 Stream (24 June)


  • Meeting the environmental and commercial challenges facing energy generators
  • Ensuring new projects are meeting market demands - firming, location and price
  • Understanding the investment drivers in today's energy landscape
  • Mitigating contract, construction and connection risks to ensure new projects are profitable

Re-engineering the Grid Stream (24 June)


  • Maximising the effectiveness of existing grid infrastructure
  • Meeting the challenges of integrating VPPs and DER
  • Improving network performance with smart technology
  • Strengthening grid performance through new infrastructure - interconnectors and transmission issues

C&I Energy Management  (24 June)


  • Understanding the rapidly changing picture of business energy use in Australia
  • Firming through physical infrastructure - batteries, microgrids and renewable energy
  • Structuring contracts to reduce exposure to volatile grid prices
  • Alternative solutions for gas users in an environment of high prices

Electrical Engineering Forum (23 & 24 June)


  • Substation automation and optimisation
  • Using edge intelligence to improve grid flexibility
  • Overcoming technical challenges of integrating renewables into the grid
  • Utilising tech to reduce OPEX and maintenance costs
  • Examining advances in transformers and switchgear
  • Using technology to improve safety and reduce risk
  • New generation project planning and development
  • Showcasing leading projects throughout the energy supply chain

Energy Policy Forum (25 June)


  • Hear from state and federal politicians about the future policy direction of their jurisdiction
  • Examining upcoming policy and rule changes and understanding their implications for the market
  • Analysing the impacts of conflicting policies in different jurisdictions
  • Progressive discussion around improving current policy and regulatory settings