Key Themes

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Senior Reporter, Thomson Reuters

Australian Energy Week 2019 is addressing the key opportunities and challenges facing the energy market value chain, covering key topics such as:

Conference Plenary – Australia’s Energy Markets Outlook (12 June)


•       The big picture – how will the energy value chain evolve over the next 5 – 10 years
•       Rethinking the grid – utilising existing infrastructure to enable the future
•       The rise of renewables – what will power Australia?
•       The changing way that consumers will engage the market

Consumer-Centric Retail (13 June)


•       How consumers are driving the biggest changes in retail
•       ‘Digital first’ – and how emerging tech is transforming retail
•       The impact of new business and pricing models on existing players
•       How to turn data into insights and offer users better services

NextGen Generation Stream (13 June)


•       Politics or markets - what will shape the energy mix going forwards?
•       Assessing the role of gas and storage in balancing intermittency in new resources
•       Financing investment – examining new types of financial models, and the projects that are ‘bankable’
•       Project highlights – examining some of the most innovative generation projects in Australia & around the world
•       How renewables could power a manufacturing revolution

Future Grid Stream (13 June)


•       Overcoming challenges of integrating significantly more intermittent resources into the grid
•       Using big data and AI to drive efficiencies through the grid
•       The role of un-regulated businesses in transforming grid operations
•       How the Frequency Control and Ancillary Services (FCAS) market is changing and the impact of storage
•       Utilising the networks to enable a renewable future

C&I Energy  (13 June


•       How innovative consumers are rethinking the way they engage the energy market
•       Examining leading global examples for demand response in action
•       Opportunities for energy management to benefit the grid
•       How new energy efficiency and productivity initiatives could drive demand down

Electrical Engineering Forum (12 & 13 June)


  • Substation automation and optimisation
  • Using edge intelligence to improve grid flexibility
  • Overcoming technical challenges of integrating renewables into the grid
  • Utilising tech to reduce OPEX and maintenance costs
  • Examining advances in transformers and switchgear
  • Using technology to improve safety and reduce risk
  • New generation project planning and development
  • Showcasing leading projects throughout the energy supply chain

Energy Policy Forum (14 June)


•       Hear from state and federal politicians about the future policy direction of their jurisdiction
•       Examining upcoming policy and rule changes and understanding their implications for the market
•       Analysing the impacts of conflicting policies in different jurisdictions
•       Progressive discussion around improving current policy and regulatory settings