C&I Energy Management Stream

Wednesday 17 February


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Registration and welcome coffee
Opening remarks from the Chair

Royce De Sousa
poweRD Consulting

Understanding the rapidly changing big picture of business energy use in Australia
PANEL DISCUSSION: What is the future of gas for commercial and industrial users?
  • What are the wider implications of the ACT’s policy of a ‘no gas’ energy future?
  • What is the role of the gas network for smelting and manufacturing energy users?
  • Is electric energy a viable replacement for industrial high temperature heat?
  • Can we decarbonise the gas network?


Steve Davies
Chief Executive Officer
Australian Pipelines & Gas Association


Jeremy Stone
Non-Executive Director & Adviso
J Power

Andrew Richards
Chief Executive Officer
Energy Users Association of Australia

PANEL DISCUSSION: The state of play of commercial and industrial energy use in Australia
  • How are businesses managing their energy use to maintain operating capacity while controlling costs?
  • How does uncertainty in electricity and gas markets impact medium and long term business decision making?
  • What is businesses ‘wish list’ for governments and regulators as they manage the transition to new generation sources?
  • Which emerging technologies are businesses watching closely to help shore up their energy position?


Luke Menzel
Chief Executive Officer
Energy Efficiency Council


Andrew Richards
Chief Executive Officer
Energy Users Association of Australia

Stuart Mathews
Executive Vice President Australasia
Gold Fields

Nick Irvine
General Manager Alternative Income and Strategic Programs
Vicinity Centres

Melissa Perrow
General Manager Energy
Brickworks Limited

Adding clean hydrogen to the energy mix with the Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain (HESC) project
  • Understanding social licence to make hydrogen viable
  • Production options – pragmatism versus perfection
  • Clean Hydrogen as a feedstock for industrial energy users

Jeremy Stone
Non-Executive Director & Advisor
J Power

Morning tea in the expo hall
Firming through physical infrastructure - batteries, microgrids and renewable energy
Building your own energy supply – Gold Fields’ microgrid energy solution at the Agnew mine
  • Optimising energy costs with first Australian mine to be powered by wind, solar, battery and gas
  • Strengthening energy security using cloud forecasting and an advanced microgrid control systems to enable integration
  • Analysing whether off-grid energy solutions such as Agnew and Granny Smith are practical and cost effective

Stuart Mathews
Executive Vice President Australasia
Gold Fields

CASE STUDY: How Vicinity are creating a more climate resilient shopping centre portfolio through on-site solar and battery systems
  • Choosing the right technology for “Behind the meter” battery installation
  • Reducing reliance on the grid and buffering from a volatile energy market prices
  • Retrofitting panels to existing buildings
  • Reviewing cost savings and value – investment costs vs M/Wh
  • Recommendations for businesses considering installing their own battery system

Nick Irvine
General Manager Alternative Income and Strategic Programs
Vicinity Centres

The practical realities of large scale batteries in industrial settings – Alinta’s Newman battery in action

Gary Bryant
General Manager of Asset Strategy
Alinta Energy

Networking lunch in the expo hall

Structuring contracts to reduce exposure to volatile grid prices
PANEL DISCUSSION: Practical realities of commercial demand response
  • How should a reasonable baseline price be set within AEMO’s framework?
  • When can the ‘Off’ switch be pressed? Recognising the whole of business impacts– operational, safety, engineering and IR issues to consider
  • What is the financial tipping point where DR becomes financially worthwhile?


Kedem Levy
Energy Flexibility Advisor
Enel X


Melissa Perrow
General Manager Energy
Brickworks Limited

Mark Mignone
Financial Controller
Intercast & Forge

Damian Pyle
Strategic Procurement Manager
Opal Packaging

CASE STUDY: How EastLink reduced energy consumption by 70% using IoT

Doug Spencer-Roy
Corporate Affairs and Marketing Manager

Are PPAs going the way of the dodo? Evolving a more sophisticated energy contract to meet commercial/industrial needs
  • Identifying and avoiding the common pitfalls of traditional power purchase contracts – finding the right style of supply
  • Acknowledging the risks of new generation sources – delays in connection, lower than expected outputs
  • Looking at future price trends to ensure you aren’t going to get trapped into paying higher prices

Jim Snow
Adjunct Professor'
University of Queensland Energy Initiative

Afternoon tea in the expo hall
Alternative solutions for gas users in an environment of high prices
How does a heat energy manufacturer increase efficiency, reducing emissions and remain profitable?

Interface Carpets is a global flooring company committed to maximising energy efficiency, sourcing 100% renewable energy and producing products with the lowest carbon footprint. Hear about their journey to investigating bio methane and biogas for their Minto (NSW) factory and the solution they are implementing for green heat energy.

Aidan Mullan
Engineering and Sustainability Manager
Interface Carpets Australia/New Zealand

Saving money on operating costs using renewable heat as an alternative to gas
  • Quantifying the costs and risks of rising transport costs and variable gas prices
  • Applying renewable energy for process heating in manufacturing
  • Retrofitting a new boiler system to existing manufacturing infrastructure
  • Analysing the savings against increased logistics of moving to biomass energy

Bob Mac Smith
Managing Director
MSM Milling

Closing remarks from the Chair
End of Commercial and Industrial Energy Management Stream