Press Release - Brighter

A new initiative launched by the natural gas industry is championing stories from around the country and is focused on reaching an untapped audience: the everyday Australian.

Launched in September 2018, Brighter was established as a new way to talk to the general public about natural gas and how it is used every day to power homes and businesses.

Director for the Brighter program, Sarah Browne says, “Nearly every day, the Brighter program is doing something, somewhere to speak to Australians about the benefits of gas to them – and reminding decision makers of it.”

“With the Brighter program, I really believe industry has a great opportunity here to do things a bit differently. This industry has a proud history of working with the communities in which it operates, but this program will take those local stories and tell them to a new audience.”  

Traditionally, the industry’s grassroot efforts haven’t needed to go much further than the tenure boundaries of its projects.  But as the media and communications landscape has changed and Australian energy is now front and centre, the industry has recognised that a more concerted effort is required to tell the story about where natural gas comes from and the role it plays in the lives of the everyday Australian.

One important part of this message is the role natural gas plays into the transition to renewable energy. With solar and wind energy entering the market at a rapid pace, Australian families and businesses are going green, opting for renewable energy as part of their energy mix. Natural gas can be an enabler of this renewable energy, firming and providing backup in an increasingly volatile energy market. A future with hydrogen and battery energy is certainly on the cards, but while these sources and their respective technologies continue down their cost curve, natural gas serves as the ideal transition fuel to a cleaner, greener future in Australia.

Brighter is proud to sponsor the Australian Energy Week, with the aim of talking to the diverse audience about the role of gas as a partner fuel to support renewable energy sources.

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