Re-engineering the Grid Stream

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Opening remarks from the chair

Mark Paterson
Chief Strategy Officer & Managing Director, Australia Pacific

Maximising the effectiveness of existing grid infrastructure
KEYNOTE: Grid transformation - opportunities for improvement and innovation
  • Putting energy consumers at the centre of grid reform
  • Adapting the grid to meet the growing challenges of reliability and decentralisation
  • Integration of the electricity and gas markets
  • Accurately gauging the outlay necessary for reform – and who is likely to end up paying!

Adrian Hill
Acting Executive General Manager, Regulation & External Affairs
AusNet Services

Preparing for the grid of the future – designing a blueprint to transform Queensland’s distribution networks
  • Ensuring a safe and reliable intelligent grid
  • Grid scale storage strategies to manage the impact of Minimum System Demand
  • Transforming Fringe of Grid electricity supply – an efficient solution for isolated networks
  • Electricity, data and communications to provide solutions for customers and distribution businesses 
  • Demand & Energy Management programs

Rod Duke
Chief Executive Officer
Energy Queensland

IT Operations managing the re-engineering of the grid

Aleks Mitrovic
Chief Technical Officer

Morning tea in the expo hall
Meeting the challenges of integrating VPPs and DER
Optimising consistency of supply in isolated grids – the Denham solar powered hydrogen plant
  • Accurately calculating hosting capacity
  • Feed in management and DER orchestration
  • Machine learning, predictive analysis
  • Integrating renewables into existing grid structures

Darren Hill
General Manager Commercial & Business Development
Horizon Power

Working within the existing grid model to allow domestic imports - overcoming challenges of integrating intermittent resources into the grid
  • Structuring hybrid grids to allow for intermittent DER imports
  • Encouraging behavioural demand response
  • Improving the engagement of installers to ensure inverter standard compliance
  • Transitioning to more sophisticated connection options for customers

Bryn Williams
Future Network Strategy Manager
SA Power Networks

Batteries’ role in providing grid services – opportunities and challenges

Mark Twidell
APAC Director – Energy Products

Networking lunch in the expo hall

Improving network performance with smart technology
PANEL DISCUSSION: Creating a more effective financial structure to enable the future grid – tariff reform
  • What regulation do we change to make a two sided market possible?
  • How can we co-ordinate renewable energy zones to avoid concentrations of DER?
  • How do we resolve equity issues for consumers who cannot participate in DER?
  • What needs to happen to ensure that transition is orderly and timely?
  • How can we build a service regime for exporters that is clearly understood by both sides?


Mark Paterson
Chief Strategy Officer & Managing Director, Australia Pacific


Gavin Dufty
Manager Policy and Research
St Vincent de Paul Society

Jill Cainey
General Manager, Networks
Energy Networks Australia

Stephanie Bashir
Non-Executive Director
Australian Energy Foundation

Improving network performance with smart technology

James Colbert
Regional Director East Asia & Pacific - Digital Grid
Schneider Electric

Transforming the grid to lead the transition to a clean energy future

Eva Hanly
Executive Manager Strategy, Innovation & Technology

Afternoon tea in the expo hall
Strengthening grid performance through new infrastructure – interconnectors and transmission issues
Moving Tasmania closer to Battery of the Nation (BotN)
  • Analysing the Battery of the Nation’s contribution to Australia’s to a clean energy future
  • How a comprehensive hydropower portfolio response to more interconnection will increase NEM reliability, security and affordability
  • Capitalising on the benefits of synchronous condensers
  • Innovation for the future market – introducing virtual storage

Prajit Parameswar
Commercial Lead, Battery of the Nation
Hydro Tasmania

Update on the role Marinus Link can play in the future grid
  • Providing access to Tasmania’s cost-competitive renewable energy and storage resources
  • Delivering the low cost reliable and clean energy that customers expect
  • Putting downward pressure on wholesale energy prices for all NEM regions

Bess Clark
General Manager of Project Marinus

PANEL DISCUSSION: Building the physical infrastructure to ensure reliable supply – overcoming the challenges to stability
  • Can we integrate the grid through transmission upgrade projects?
  • Are interconnectors in dispersed locations appropriate in a joined state grid?
  • How do we build system-wide resilience against links being knocked out in crisis situations?
  • What is the impact of the loss of coal-fired power over the next decade?
  • How feasible are the proposed KreangLink, Marinus link, Project EnergyConnect and East-West link?


Gloria Chan
Executive Director - Future Grid
Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC)


Jill Cainey
General Manager, Networks
]Energy Networks Australia

Prajit Parameswar
Commercial Lead, Battery of the Nation
Hydro Tasmania

Bryn Williams
Future Network Strategy Manager
SA Power Networks

Closing remarks from the Chair
End of Re-engineering the Grid Stream