Dr Alex Wonhas from Aurecon on the 7 key challenges facing the energy sector


In the lead up to Australian Energy Week, I took the time to talk to one of our keynote speakers, Dr Alex Wonhas, to get an insight into what he sees as critically important for the industry.

Alex has an impressive background in energy markets, currently as the global managing director for energy, resources and manufacturing at Aurecon and previously as an executive director at the CSIRO.

1. What do you see as the biggest challenges for Australia’s energy sector?

Given the high degree of uncertainty in Australia’s energy sector it is difficult to make decisions, this is one of the biggest challenges I see executives and decision makers in the sector grapple with. Making decisions though is essential because making decisions means taking action and only by taking action will there be change. And if there is one thing everyone agrees with, it is that we need change!

Moving from a largely politically driven debate to a fact-based debate will help as it will take away one degree of uncertainty. That still leaves the inherent uncertainties of the sector. Events like the Australian Energy Week are essential to foster a fact-based debate. This will allow market participants to get on with the difficult enough business of making decisions despite the very high degree of uncertainty about the future. There are quite a number of different ways the sector can evolve.

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