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Q&A with Aidan O'Sullivan

The role of Artificial intelligence in modern energy markets

For background to our readers, would you be able to provide us with a brief overview of your projects and area of research?

My research focuses on the use of AI and machine learning methods in the energy sector to promote efficiency and decarbonisation. This can be the use of AI at the individual customer level where I have projects with Energy Suppliers looking to estimate the uncertainty around customer consumption, or how best to engage with them through intelligent apps to encourage energy savings. I also look at the grid level on the use of reinforcement learning algorithms, algorithms that learn through repeated play in simulation to try and manage the electricity system more optimally. The availability of new sources of data in the sector, such as smart meter data for example, is enabling innovations and projects that just weren’t possible 10 or even 5 years ago so it’s a really exciting area to be working in as a researcher.

What do you think is the leading example of current applications of AI in energy markets around the world that you’re aware of?

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