Thursday 13 June: Re-engineering the Grid Stream

Welcome Coffee
Opening remarks from the Chair:

Mark Paterson
Energy Catalyst

Rethinking regulation and standards to match a more dynamic grid
Successfully navigating to Grid 2035+
  • Ensuring grid transformation is a 'mission-critical' priority of regulators and leadership
  • Exploring 'future-back' perspectives to ensure that reform is not based on current structures
  • Accounting for volatility and disruptive innovation with fit-for-purpose models which allow for dynamic decision making
  • Taming the deep technological complexity inherent to industry transformation

Alistair Parker
Chief Executive Officer

INTERNATIONAL ADDRESS: Maximising the benefits of renewable energy resources and accelerating the energy transition – a US perspective
  • Communication and operational control architecture in a high- Distributed Energy Resources (DER) grid
  • Coordinating distribution-level markets with bulk system markets to enhance reliability and economic value
  • Aggregation and pricing strategies for energy consumers to become market participants
  • Can Distributed Network Service Providers (DNSPs) be trusted with a Distribution System Operator-type role?

Lorenzo Kristov
Electric System Policy, Structure, Market Design


People power: The role of distributed energy resources (DER) in the energy transition

DER installation rates continue to rise providing an increasingly valuable asset to Australia’s energy transition, but there is considerable complexity to integrating DER into our grids and markets to unlock their value. Doing so requires consideration of issues spanning customer behaviour, technology, cyber security, economic regulation, and of course, the laws of physics.

  • How important is DER to Australia’s energy transition anyway?
  • Key findings from DER projects in Australia and abroad
  • The role of the grid – both transmission and distribution - in unlocking DER value
  • What actions are grid operators taking now to better integrate DER, and what else can be done?

Cara Graham
Partner, Power & Utilities
EY Australia

PANEL DISCUSSION: What regulation would improve grid efficiency and support developers of renewable generation and storage?
  • Which reforms could help reduce re-work and improve efficiency, or do we need less regulation altogether?
  • Is the Connections Reform Initiative a realistic solution to delays and the increasing complexity in connections?
  • How important are repeatable outcomes and predictable connection processes?
  • How can a collaborative working model between industry, AEMO, and the NSPs be facilitated?


Phil Blythe
Founding Director
Climate Tech Assembly


Craig Stallan
Executive General Manager
Lumea (Transgrid Group)

Alistair Parker
Chief Executive Officer

Magnus Soederberg
Director, Centre of Applied Energy Economics and Policy Research (CAEEPR)
Griffith University

Kala Saban
Associate Director, Rewiring the Nation
Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC)

Morning tea
Building the necessary infrastructure in time… or finding alternatives
Underpinning investment in regional areas and paving the way for increased clean energy through the Rewiring the Nation Fund
  • Getting to grips with the complexity of rebuilding energy system infrastructure - requirements in capital, expertise and time
  • The scope of the RTN beyond “Poles and Wires” and priority projects for investment
  • Utilising innovative finance structures and flexible approaches to unlock private investment in transmission, renewable energy generation, long duration storage and infrastructure for renewable energy zones

Gloria Chan
Executive Director for Rewiring the Nation
Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC)

The integration of centralised protection systems in the era of digitalisation
  • Rapidly expanding energy demand with net zero 2050 challenge
  • Dramatic growth in renewable energy with challenges of intermittent supply
  • The grid landscape today: Decentralisation of energy and complexity of operations
  • ABB’s 360-degree approach to the growing energy demand

Orhan Yilmaz
Product Marketing Manager
ABB Australia

Supporting secure, reliable and affordable energy through the NEM Reform Program
  • Designing and delivering new reforms that contribute to the stability and reliability of the changing electricity system
  • Assessing the success of recently launched Frequency Control Ancillary Services (FCAS) markets
  • Allowing participants with aggregate systems to manage and dispatch their energy in the most cost and energy efficient way

Violette Mouchaileh
Executive General Manager Reform Delivery
Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO)

Lunch in expo hall
Integrating grid technologies to better manage supply and enhance flexibility and reliability
Lessons from competing for transmission equipment in the global supply chain

Craig Stallan
Executive General Manager
Lumea (Transgrid Group)

INTERNATIONAL ADDRESS: Wired for change: AI and the future grid
  • Analysing whether AI is a revolution for the grid, or an overhyped illusion
  • Defining where AI is most effectively deployed for boosting grid productivity
  • Practical starting points and pathways to avoid the quicksand of unrealistic expectations

Jim Bullock
Director, Energy and Sustainability, Asia

Measuring how appropriate current regulation frameworks are for coordinating all aspects of the energy system through the transition
  • Has the notion of an ‘orderly transition’ become irrelevant in the scramble to build adequate transmission?
  • Assessing the effectiveness of current regulations in addressing transition challenges.
  • Strategies to match current grid building priorities with a regulatory system in flex

Peter Price
Chief Engineer
Energy Queensland

Afternoon tea
Ensuring renewable energy can be connected to the grid efficiently
Strategies for gaining social licence in transmission projects

Maryanne Graham
Executive General Manager Corporate & Stakeholder Affairs

PANEL DISCUSSION: What are the best ways to manage DER and the impact of electrification?
  • How can EVs, home batteries and rooftop PV be integrated?
  • What are solutions to increases in energy use due to electrification?
  • How should distribution networks plan for future increases in both DER and electrification?


Violette Mouchaileh
Executive General Manager Reform Delivery
Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO)


Marie Jordan
Executive General Manager

Alida Jansen van Vuuren
Head of DSO

Rod Jones
General Manager, Network Strategy & Planning
AusNet Services

Frédéric Wauquiez
Product Director, Distributed Energy Resources Management (DERMS/DSO)
GE Vernova Grid Software

Closing remarks from the Chair
Close of Re-engineering the Grid