Article: 4 questions with Nick Nikolitsis, Product Director, Hansen

What keeps you up at night when you think about the transition in Australia?

When I’m not thinking about family and friends, my thoughts often turn to the dynamic state of our energy market. The shift towards renewable energy sources and the proliferation of behind-the-meter assets is exhilarating, but it presents significant challenges.

Hansen's role in this transition is pivotal - we strive to assist our customers and Australia in navigating these complexities.

Consider solar curtailment. Each year, industry bodies report on the growth of solar generation. Simultaneously, industry participants express their concerns about having the right product mix to manage this explosive growth.  In other words, developing commercially viable and innovative energy products and solutions. It’s a tough balancing act.

Regarding DER assets like EV charge points, solar panels, and batteries, I wonder if households truly enjoy a unified digital experience, or if they struggle with disparate products and systems from multiple manufacturers.

Moreover, the economic and social implications of this transition are profound. Ensuring a just transition that manages these impacts is crucial.

What exciting developments are inspiring you at the moment?

Where to start? If I had to choose just three, it would be advancements in renewable energy technologies, distributed energy resources (DERs), and our potential as a hydrogen economy.

After decades of development, solar and wind technologies are now widely adopted, thanks to phenomenal innovation. We are on the cusp of making these technologies accessible to most Australians.

The growth of DERs—rooftop solar, home battery systems, and EV chargers—is transforming the energy landscape, empowering consumers to participate in energy generation and the renewable movement.

While still in its infancy, Australia is positioning itself as a leader in the emerging hydrogen economy, with several projects underway to produce green hydrogen for domestic use and export.

Hansen is deeply involved in these areas, supporting utility companies worldwide with our software products to power a flexible future.

How is your approach different from other organizations in the energy sector?

Hansen differentiates itself in the energy sector through:

  • Integrated Solutions: We provide comprehensive energy products, including CIS/Billing, Market Connectivity, Digital Enablement, Trading and Guided Selling
  • Participative Engagement: We collaborate closely with our customers’ innovation teams to support and promote new energy initiatives
  • Innovation and R&D: Our commitment to continuous innovation and research ensures we stay ahead of technological advancements, implementing cutting-edge solutions
  • Collaborative Partnerships: We actively pursue partnerships with industry players and governments to drive collective progress in the energy transition

Are there any ‘hidden’ or less discussed issues that the energy sector needs to be more aware of?

A critical issue is social inequity in the energy transition. At Hansen, and among many of our customers, there is concern about the shift from gas to electrification and ensuring that no community is left behind.

You can catch Nick Nikolitsis speaking in the Future Retail Stream of Australian Energy Week 2024 (13 June).

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