Generation 2.0

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Opening remarks from the chair

Lillian Patterson
Infrastructure Development Manager
AusNet Services

Meeting the environmental and commercial challenges facing energy generators
Next steps in Australia's renewable energy transition

Darren Miller
Chief Executive Officer

Overcoming the barriers to getting renewable energy into the market
  • Building in transmissions and interconnectors to meet standards
  • Coping with AEMO’s marginal loss factors (MLF)
  • Finding buyers for generated power

Ian Learmonth
Chief Executive Officer
Clean Energy Finance Corporation

Powering economic transformation with clean energy: Australia’s competitive advantage

Maia Schweizer
Chief Executive Officer
CleanCo Queensland

Chasing the dream of 100 per cent renewable electricity, a highly reliable grid and significantly cheaper wholesale prices
  • Moving from an energy grid powered by coal to one powered by renewables
  • Building the 50GW of renewable and dispatchable energy required by AEMO's blueprint
  • Creating a modern energy system – who pays for it?

Ross Edwards
Markets Executive

Morning tea in the expo hall
Ensuring new projects are meeting market demands – firming, location and price
AI-based trading to navigate price volatility
  • Using a range of inputs and machine learning algorithm to predict prices
  • Optimising local constraints to recommend bids that maximise financial returns
  • AI enhancing technical, physical and commercial aspects of power station operations

John Cole
Chief Executive Officer
Edify Energy

Maximising post-commission cost reductions in wind farms using data intelligence and clear valuation of installed asset base
  • Accelerating the uptake of renewables through Further Cost of Energy improvements
  • Empowering renewable facility operators with data capture and ease of interpretation
  • How cross-platform capabilities are essential as generation portfolios expand
  • Achieving long and successful renewable asset life:  The Right to Repair and the ability to customize solutions to meet local regulatory needs

Thomas Mills
SCADA International (Energy ROI)

Duncan Livingston
Sales Engineer
SCADA International (Energy ROI)

Networking lunch in the expo hall
Understanding the investment drivers in today’s energy landscape
PANEL DISCUSSION: Boom or Bust? Investment in generation projects
  • What are the factors influencing generation project investors in Australia?
  • Which type of projects do investors feel most comfortable with?
  • How should energy generation projects be positioned to make them financially attractive?


Catriona McLeod
Investment Director
Esco Pacific


Leonard Quong
Head of Australia Research

Kane Thornton
Chief Executive
Clean Energy Council

Kirsten Hannan
Divisional Director
Macquarie Capital

Michael Dart
Executive General Manager, Customer
Energy Queensland

Harnessing Australia’s offshore wind for a more diverse and reliable clean energy future
  • How offshore wind can complement other renewable generation to boost clean energy capacity and reduce energy reliability risks
  • The experience of bringing a new technology to Australia for the first time

Casper Frost Thorhauge
Chief Executive Officer
Star of the South

Closing remarks from the Chair
End of Generation 2.0 Stream

Afternoon tea in the expo hall
Delegates may join any of the other streams for the rest of the afternoon