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    McKinsey & Company
  • Ergon and Energex
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    Ergon and Energex

    Ergon Energy and Energex, as part of Energy Queensland, are Australia's largest electricity distribution company, connecting electricity supply to 2.1 million customers across Queensland.

    The business was formed as a Queensland Government-owned corporation in 2016 through the merger of Ergon Energy and Energex.

    Energy Queensland is driven by its vision to energise Queensland communities not just through its 205,000km of electricity network, but also through its commitment to deliver better outcomes for customers, employees and all Queenslanders.

    Distributed energy, energy storage, electric vehicles and behind the meter management devices all have a part to play in the future Energy Queensland is developing for its customers.

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  • Gas Today
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    Gas Today


    For 44 years, Great Southern Press has grown to become Australia’s specialist industry publisher, providing a suite of printed and online publications which cover infrastructure, construction and energy.

    Gas Today, established in 2007, has emerged as the country’s peak resource for trusted, relevant news tailored to industry needs.

    Gas Today magazine is dedicated to the entire natural gas vertical. From the upstream sector through to export LNG and the offshore industry, you can be sure this publication is the key source of relevant and timely news for Australia’s gas industry.

    • High level analysis
    • Economic projections
    • Project updates
    • Profiles of leading executives
    • State-of-industry reports
    • Industry news
    • Innovation and technology
    • Policy commentary

    Great Southern Press also produces key resources such as its Gas Industry Directory, Australia's Gas Leaders, maps and wallcharts.


    Gas Today is also available via interactive digital editions, which are tailored for viewing on computer, tablet or mobile devices


  • The Australian Pipeliner
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    The Australian Pipeliner

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  • Energy Magazine
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    Energy Magazine

    Energy is a thought-leading, technology neutral magazine, developed to help the industry answer some of the critical questions it is currently grappling with:

    What are the energy sources of the future?
    How do we provide energy that is clean, affordable and reliable?
    How do we give customers what they want?
    How to we contend with disruption in the energy sector?
    How do we digitise our networks safely, securely and efficiently?
    We’ll be answering these questions in every issue of Energy with thought-leading and thought-provoking editorial contributions from some of the best and brightest minds the energy industry has to offer.

    Energy has a strong focus on helping the industry to deal with some of the challenges it is currently facing. We’ll be looking at the policies and politics affecting the industry; but we will always place the emphasis on outcomes rather than political point-scoring. We are committed to helping the industry move forward and solve the so-called energy “trilemma” – establishing new forms of energy that are reliable, affordable and clean – without over-emphasising the role governments will play in finding the solution.

    We believe the future for the energy sector – while it looks considerably different than it has over its first century of existence – has never looked brighter. The opportunities are waiting to be taken advantage of, and Energy will be there, showing you how to best position yourself in energy’s brave new world.


  • Coolibah
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    Coolibah is Keith Orchison’s energy website

    There are more than 425 posts on this site on This is Power blog and more than 100 Coolibah Commentary monthly newsletters — access to them is completely free.

    You can subscribe to receive Coolibah Commentary by email — still at no cost!

    This site’s focus is on Australian electricity supply news and issues in particular and on national energy issues more generally, reflecting Keith Orchison’s 33 years’ experience in these fields. Power supply prices, emissions, ownership and developments are big news these days — as up to 27,000 a month unique pageviews on the Coolibah site attests.

    Coolibah Pty Ltd is an energy communications and issues management consultancy based in Sydney, Australia. It provides advisory services to government, industry associations, management consultancies and companies engaged in a wide range of energy activities and services.

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  • Energy Source & Distribution
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    Energy Source & Distribution

    We don’t just write about energy – we ignite it.

    For almost 20 years, Energy Source & Distribution magazine has been the voice of Australia’s electricity generation, transmission and distribution industry. In 2016 the name the sector trusts went online to deliver news as it happens.

    Energy Source & Distribution is directed at the senior executives, managers and engineers involved with utilities, policy development bodies, research and training institutions, manufacturers and suppliers. It offers the latest energy news and profiles the power players, product launches, industry trends and major projects that keep the sector moving at an unprecedented rate.

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  • Transmission & Distribution
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    Transmission & Distribution

    Transmission & Distribution is focused to the Electricity Supply Industry for High to Very High voltage electricity transmitted either overhead or underground from the point of generation across the country at very high voltages. Transmission & Distribution includes Energy Generation, which focuses on all aspects of Electricity Generation to include coal-fired, renewables and nuclear power.

    Our articles are written by Engineers…for Engineers based on actual application and use of products and services. Articles are written by qualified professionals whose experience and proven reputation provides readers with reliable solutions to everyday problems.

    APT Publications publishes all their magazines in a digital E-Magazine format and provides advertising opportunities to include Electronic Newsletters, Electronic Direct Mail (EDMs), Online Digital Media advertising, Advertising broadcasts and Unique Campaigns.

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  • Utility
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    Utility is Australia’s only dedicated utility magazine.

    It covers Utility engineering, construction and maintenance and is currently available for free to all utility professionals in Australia. It covers all utilities including water and sewer, gas, electricity and communications and the NBN. Utility is both a full-colour printed magazine, and an online portal for all things utility.

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