Monday 19 June: Full day MASTERCLASSES

Choose one area to deep dive and walk away a master of the topic. Be aware that some classes have a maximum number, so please book early and specify which class you wish to take. Please note that apart from masterclass B, these sessions are not available for remote participants; they are in-person only. Masterclass B is ONLY available online; no in-person option.

Masterclass A: Australian Energy Industry Boot Camp

Become an instant expert. Specifically for professionals new to the energy sector, this workshop will take you  through the multiple agencies and major players in the Australian market. Designed for junior to middle managers who may not have experience or qualifications in energy. If you are still figuring out the difference between DR and DER, this workshop is for you.

Upon completion of the workshop, attendees will:

  • Understand the history and context of the Australian energy industry
  • Be able to confidently identify key players in the industry and how they interact
  • In-depth knowledge of current issues (and their acronyms)
  • Insights into future challenges and opportunities in the Australian energy sector

08:30     Registration and coffee
09:00     History and context of Australian energy

  • Why things are the way they are, and how we got to where we are now

10:30     Morning tea
11:00     Who’s who in Australian energy, and how they interact

  • Who’s who, the laws and rules that govern how they interact, what are their objectives, and a host of acronyms and what they mean

12:30     Lunch
13:30     Current issues / what is happening now

  • Current operations and current issues – to include cost reflective pricing, duck curves, Integrated System Plan, government interventions, and other current issues

15:00     Afternoon tea
15:30     Future challenges and opportunities

  • Including decarbonisation, distributed resources, future trading arrangements, community energy, and what is the future of gas?

17:00     Concludes


David Prins
Etrog Consulting

Masterclass B: Upgrading the NEM design for the evolving decentralised industry (Virtual only)

Are you an analyst, trader, transformation manager, research director, data scientist, or policy officer looking to        stay ahead in the rapidly evolving world of decentralised energy? Look no further than Masterclass B, where you'll gain valuable insights and knowledge from renowned energy commentator Hugh Outhred.

Attendees of this virtual masterclass will leave with a deep understanding of:

  • The current state of the transition and potential future challenges for the NEM
  • Impact of REZ (renewable energy zones) storage and distributed energy resources on the NEM
  • Effect of decentralised generation on transmission and distribution networks
  • Keeping energy secure and affordable as the NEM is transformed

08:30     Registration and coffee
09:00     How are variable renewable energy, reversible storage, and power electronic devices affecting electricity industry design and operation?
10:30     Morning tea
11:00     How will NEM transmission and distribution networks be affected?
12:30     Lunch
13:30     How will NEM operation and security management be affected?
15:00     Afternoon tea
15:30     How will NEM wholesale and retail markets be affected?
17:00     Concludes


Hugh Outhred
Managing Director
Ipen Consulting

Masterclass C: Turning collective consumer energy flexibility into megawatt-scale resources

This workshop examines the complex tech and financing necessary to create Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) from networks of homes with rooftop solar and batteries. Project and Strategy Leads, Commercial Insights Analysts, VPP Portfolio and Product Managers from energy retailers and generators will gain valuable insights into current Australian and international trends in capturing and harnessing DER.

Attendees will build the following skills:

  • Recognising the key drivers of VPP growth and how to implement them
  • Understanding of economic and financial considerations involved in structuring a VPP
  • Creating flexible and agile VPPs to meet the expanding needs of the future grid
  • Applying current Australian and international trends in capturing and harnessing Distributed Energy Resources (DER) to their own companies

08:30     Registration and coffee
09:00     Transforming the VPP (Virtual Power Plant) business model

  • Who is best placed to manage the process of consolidating DER and turning it into an asset?
  • Examining novel contract and financing structures to reduce the cost and complexity of signing up new customers and technology vendors
  • Balancing providing the grid services with ensuring customers get what they want by using underlying software

10:30     Morning tea
11:00     Counting the ways to grow a VPP

  • Encouraging customers who’ve already installed solar-and-battery systems to join a VPP
  • Getting new customers to install solar and batteries
  • Understanding the social license necessary for consumers to feel comfortable/confident is allowing control of their assets

12:30     Lunch
13:30     Structuring the economics just right

  • Offering clear financial benefits to offset the extra cost of adding batteries to their rooftop solar systems
  • Differentiating the revenue streams that customers and the development company earn
  • Developing software and digital communications integrated both with utilities and with all the battery and solar and inverter systems that need to be controlled in real-time

15:00     Afternoon tea
15:30     Expanding the definition of a VPP to meet the needs of the future grid

  • Giving utilities a way to monitor, manage or even control customers’ “behind-the-meter” assets
  • Stretching the boundaries of the VPP concept by linking up ‘stand-alone’ community solar-and-battery systems on a cooperative basis

17:00     Concludes


Kelvin Say
Research Fellow
University of Melbourne