Energy Policy Forum

Registration and welcome coffee
Opening remarks from the Chair

Keith Orchison

Resolving key regulatory issues
Reshaping energy policy to position Queensland as a ‘renewables powerhouse’

The Hon Mick De Brenni
Minister for Energy, Renewables and Hydrogen and Minister for Public Works and Procurement
Queensland Government

Pulling the trigger on "Retailer Reliability Obligation” and other new legislation
  • Longer-term (and lower cost) solution for Reliability and Emergency Reserve Trader (RERT)
  • 2025 market design review
  • Ensuring Australia’s long term energy security in a more volatile international market
  • Governance review of the Energy Security Board

Kerry Schott
Independent Chair
Energy Security Board

PANEL DISCUSSION Resolving the conflict between regulatory bodies to give cohesion to energy policy
  • How can we cut through the current tangle of complexity, conservatism and conflict?
  • What should new planning guidelines and targets for renewable energy look like?
  • What are the minimum standards that will drive the industry forward?


Simon Camroux
BDM LPG Generation Solutions
Origin Energy


Andrew Dillon
Chief Executive Officer
Energy Networks Australia

Sarah McNamara
Chief Executive
Australian Energy Council

Tennant Reed
Head of Climate, Energy and Environment Policy
Australian Industry Group

Jamie Lowe
Head of Regulation

Matthew Warren
Australian Financial Review

Morning tea
Preparing for future policy and its impacts

Vibrant carbon markets in the emissions reduction journey
  • Building the supply of domestic emissions reduction offset markets
  • The scope of the new Emissions Reduction Fund methods to provide credits for sequestration projects
  • Creating  an exchange traded market to increase price transparency and reduce transaction costs for businesses
  • Developing a simple method of transparency and accountability in voluntary emissions reduction targets

David Parker
Chief Executive Officer & Chair
Clean Energy Regulator

Putting energy consumers at the centre of policy decisions - cost and affordability
  • How the DMO (Default Market Offer) is effecting consumer behaviour and industry pricing
  • Coping with proposed changes to the Market Settlement and Transfer Solutions (MSATS) Procedures
  • Complications arising from the proposed Energy Fairness Plan

Sarah McNamara
Chief Executive
Australian Energy Council

PANEL DISCUSSION: Supporting the National Electricity Market: resolving the tension between competing initiatives
  • Will the Grid Reliability Fund provide a backbone for network infrastructure and grid stabilising technologies?
  • How should the conflict between commercial and government interests be resolved?


Simon Camroux
BDM LPG Generation Solutions
Origin Energy


Bianca Sylvester
Associate Director - Government and Stakeholder Relation
Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC)

Anne Pearson
Head of Reputation

Networking lunch
Securing reliable and cost effective energy for Australia’s future
Go hard, go early - How setting a net-zero target will put Australia’s economy ahead
  • Unlocking 46,000 O&M rural jobs in renewables by in 2035
  • Seizing Australia’s potential to be a powerhouse and technology leader in renewable energy
  • Positioning Australia’s resources sector to take advantage of global demand for the materials used in clean energy technologies
  • Avoiding trade barriers as other countries impose ‘carbon borders’

Kane Thornton
Chief Executive
Clean Energy Council

A game of bluff: how supply and demand is setting policy in the Australian energy sector
  • Analysing whether gas or batteries make more economic sense as support for the transition to renewables
  • Making the energy market transparent and effective – do regulators increase efficiency or stand in the way of market forces
  • Avoiding ‘Balkanised’ state-based power systems
  • What needs to happen in governance and federal policy for a smooth energy transition

Danny Price
Founder and Managing Director
Frontier Economics

Closing remarks from the Chair
End of Energy Policy Forum and Australian Energy Week 2021